March 2016

  • How would you spend your council’s budget?

    There’s a great interactive on the Coventry Telegraph site that lets plan your own budget and compare it the actual spend of your council. Just add your postcode and then set your budget.

  • Leeds Residential Research features Leeds Data Mill

    Estates Gazette have a nice piece on their “Pint of Milk Test” blog featuring the Leeds Data Mill.  It highlights data from the Mill and work by Tom Forth to see “what the new build development market looks like in Leeds”

  • MediaMill Gazette 51

    Council budget explorer, Smart Streets and printed voices

  • MediaMill Gazette 50

    Budget, FAIR Data and wooden records.

  • Air Quality data and telling stories

    One of the key areas of interest for the MediaMill project is the way data can be part of a storytelling process.  So it was interesting to see a piece of ‘data-driven storytelling’ in the Gloucester Citizen.

  • MediaMill Gazette 49

    Open data portals, Local government of the future and more.

  • MediaMill Gazette 48

    Data Journalism, Data Exchanges, making money from open data and coloured pencils.

  • Freedom of Information Review and Open Data

    Earlier this week Lord Burns’ Independent Commission on Freedom of Information legislation released its report. The Freedom of Information Act is something that cuts across  all of the areas we are looking at as part of the MediaMill project. So we gave the report a once over with our open data hat on. 

  • MediaMill Gazette 47

    Freedom of information, PDFs as open data and Trump’s short fingers.

  • Mapping Manchester crime data

    The team over at the Trafford Innovation Lab have been experimenting with pulling in data from to add to their Ward profiles