Mapping Manchester crime data

The team over at the Trafford Innovation Lab have been experimenting with pulling in data from to add to their Ward profiles

Lab leader Jamie Whyte noted that it needed a bit of fiddling around to get it to work but;

It is now trivial for us to add in further geographical areas, and the partnership can now have access to the latest-available crime data about Trafford, without having to request it from Greater Manchester Police’s analyst.

The police. co. uk api is quite powerful but does need some tweaking as I found when I looked at it as part of some FOI/ Data Journalism training I was doing.

But the team haven’t stopped there. Once they had cracked it they did the decent thing and helped out their neighbours:

We figured that because it used to take us a long time, it would probably take others a long time too, so we made a version for all Wards in Greater Manchester. This really wasn’t very much extra effort, but probably worthwhile.

A nice touch.