Media Mill Gazette 45

Data Market Places, Vellum, Bara Brith and data cocktails. Go on then, if you’re offering.

It’s time to say goodbye to the open data portal and here’s why…
Nesta’s Innovation Lab Eddie Copeland (writing on his own blog) says that we need open data marketplaces more than open data portals. The idea of encouraging a supply and demand, market driven economy makes sense if you want to encourage more data – earn money from it and you’re more likely to do it. But a few things about the broader idea make my teeth itch a little. The idea that “pricing should based on the value of the outcomes the data can enable” for example is an interesting one but the assumption of utility is in the hands of the provider not the user. Complicated but necessary pondering. Oh, and a nice mention for the Leeds Data Mill

OKF spin out CKAN services
The Open Knowledge Foundation have spun-out its CKan services into it’s own company Viderum shifting the product into a commercial space for ‘better levels of support’ and “so there’s a stronger focus on further development and promotion of these services without distracting Open Knowledge’s core mission as an advocate for openness and transparency”.  I’m not reading anything in to this but it did make me ponder the challenge of balancing the economic and lobbying elements of the open data economy. The ‘surplus’ from this company will go back to the OKF

Event: March 2: Bara Brith Camp – Open Data and Election Special
The ODi’s Jeni Tennison and Leigh Dodds of bath hacked and the Open Data Institute who will talk about the benefits of embracing open data from better public services in this event that builds on the GovCamp Cymru

Open data knots and how to escape them
Speaking of Jeni Tennison. In this post on the ODI she explores the ‘knots’ that open data owners and users can get trapped in when they don’t take time to develop a common language, build trust and identify shared goals

Lessons Learned While Crunching Open Data
Analytics and data analysis company Briskat ponder the many issues of  using open data including data quality and timeliness.

Whitehall braces for ‘data revolution’ as parliament mulls key risks
“As the government this week unveils its first canonical register as part of wider digital reforms, a new parliamentary report calls for more work in breaking down data silos across Whitehall and clear auditing of the overall quality of information”. 

Report: The big data dilemma
The fourth report from the beautifully named The Big Data Dilemma inquiry. An interesting read (the evidence is worth a watch too). Worth a flick through for the wonderfully ironic Big Data in numbers infographic!

The Real Secret to BuzzFeed’s Success Isn’t Cat GIFs, It’s Data
A interesting look at Buzzfeed in the light of its founder Jonah Peretti  talking about  building a100-Year Media Company. Matt Ingram always has a good eye for underlying issues and the nod to Buzzfeed’s analytics platform Pound is an interesting reminder of how data driven journalism is becoming.

What is data journalism? What does a data journalist do?
A nice explainer from Sophie Warnes of the current thinking around what Data Journalism is.

Civic hacking as data activism and advocacy: A history from publicity to open government data
Academic paper alert!  An interesting read that looks at civic hacker noting that “The framing of openness shifted in meaning from information to data, weakening of mechanisms for accountability even as it opened up new forms of political participation.” Let me know if you’d like sight of the paper.

Transparency at the Parish Pump: A Field Experiment to Measure the Effectiveness of Freedom of Information Requests
“FOI triggers more responses and requests are more than twice as effective as simple informally asking” That’s one of the takeaways from this research on Parsish councils and FOI. Worth a read.

Nine things you didn’t know you could do with Story Maps 
If you like ArchGis and you know about ESRI’s story maps you might already know about this stuff – how many of the nine could you guess! If you don’t the range is interesting. BTW. A good free alternative for similar stuff is storymap.js

Open data ‘meetups’ to be organised throughout the North East region
The North East continues to drum up open data support.

The Hardest Lesson of Digital Transformation: Designing for Loss of Control
“One of the counterintuitive lessons of digital and social business is that the network itself can and should do the majority of the work”

Vellum should be saved in a bid to ‘safeguard our great traditions’, says minister
Normally Matt Hancock appears here talking about open data etc. but the news that he is advocating for keeping Vellum as the medium of record for UK legislation is an interesting one to ponder. It reminded me of a couple of things:

– World’s first REAL commercial open data curation project! which is worth a read just for the mention of stealing underpants as a business model
– In 2014 Father of the Internet VInt Cerf called for digital vellum 

and if you’re in Hull on 21st April you could check out From Vellum to the Cloud: Government & Society in a Digital World