Media Mill News: Edition One

** The MediaMill Newsletter #1
Welcome to the MediaMill newsletter. The research team will compile a collection of interesting links and news that project partners might find useful. Drop us a line if there is more of something you want or would find useful.

** Research activity: Open Data
A couple of recent events have focused on open data, both with an eye to the commercial and ownership issues that come from using open and individual data, especially if you are using that data to build new products…

** Open Data Summit – Licence to share
The Open Data Institute held their second open data summit in London on the 3rd and 4th of November. Andy Dickinson attended the two days which included a day of training and discovery. One particularly useful session looked at open licenses for data and how they can help and hinder commercial development. “I thought I had a good handle on creative commons and open licensing” said Andy, “but,there’s a whole other world of mix and match licensing and contracts you need to think about if you’re going to make open data pay”
* If you don’t know you CC-O from your ODbL then there are some handy guides online. (
* You can also read Andy’s reflection on the event on his personal blog ( ) .

** Data Mutuals and Good Data
Open Data Manchester hosted an afternoon workshop investigating the role co-ops might play in data ownership. It was an interesting session which included a presentation from Leeds based Bloom agency call ( . The commercial spin on this is interesting ands (
imilar ideas have been voiced before ( . But the broader question of data ownership within a community is a challenging one. Whether mutual and co-ops are the answer… Co-op news have a good write-up of the day . (
* Open Data Manchester have a good introduction to the conversations that inspired the workshop ( .
* Open data researcher Tim Davies has a good roundup ( with more links to delve deeper.

** Video from #ODI Summit
The ODI have done a great job of getting video from all the sessions online. Two panel sessions in particular had content we found interesting

** Interesting news and links
A round up of some of the things that have caught our eye recently: