MediaMill Gazette 51

Council budget explorer, Smart Streets and printed voices

How would you spend your council’s budget?
A really nice data interactive from Trinity Mirror (so expect it on all the regional sites) that allows you to budget for your council. Well worth a look.

Leeds Residential Research
A piece on Estates Gazette using Leeds Datamill and Tom Forth’s work to see what the new build development market looks like in Leeds

Foiamapper –  New US FOI aggregator
A US Kind of. An example of the kind of thing that should become widespread in the UK if the FOI commission recommendations on FOI content come in to play. More on the background at And speaking of the Information Commissioner… “Open government advocate Elizabeth Denham named as preferred candidate to succeed Christopher Graham”

How cities score
An interesting round up of smart city/data driven projects with a focus on Boston but generally interesting given the combination of devolution and smart cities in the UK.

Dataproofer in Beta and launching April 19th 2016
An interesting project (funded by journo philanthropists the Knight Foundation) which aims to build a set of tools “to automate this process of checking a dataset for errors or potential mistakes.”

EVENT:#ogpuk: Birmingham workshop
If you are in and around Brum on April 7th then you could help “write the UK Government’s Open Government Action Plan”

Research Alert:Planning and designing open government data programs: An ecosystem approach
A paper suggesting a general model that “addresses policy and strategy, data publication and use, feedback and communication, benefit generation, and advocacy and interaction among stakeholders.”

Hacking open government data
An interesting take on the Hack For Sweden hackathon in Stockholm. The results are in Swedish but I like the focus on KPI’s.

Some truth about ‘big data’, agnostic storytelling & journalism
A nice round-up of a talk with some nice pointers to data storytelling with soul – My favourite point – “Be vigilant in your pursuit of context”

Forget Smart Cities, in today’s hyper-local culture, Smart Streets are all the rage
Dubrovnik are smart teching the heck out of a street. I like the idea of scale here. Start small.

Land registry privatisation ‘could speed digital innovation’
Generally there’s been no love for the governments plan to privatise the land registry but it’s one to keep an eye on.

Welcome to JKAN
Does the world need another open data portal system? Well maybe this “proof-of-concept that allows a small, resource-strapped government agency to stand-up an open data portal by simply clicking the fork button.” is the answer. It’s based on ‘static web page generator’ JEKYLL

OpenWebGIS: An open source geographic information system
A piece on OpenWebgis which has been around for a while but seems to have big plans to develop

Libraries lose a quarter of staff as hundreds close
A great piece of data journalism by the BBC. Just a good example of Data Journalism process and lots of collaboration behind the scenes here.

London City Airport optimising non-aeronautical operations
Dashboards crop up in a range of places. And end-to-end data management and analysis is something that government are pushing for and industry are clearly still exploring at scale.

And finally a nice bit of physical data: