MediaMill Gazette 53

Comments, police statements and planning data portals. Oh, and open beer recipe.

NESTA:Introducing the Local Datavores research programme

A new programme from NESTA in partnership with the Local Government Association and SAP. It’s not the first time that Datavores have featured at NESTAbefore, but the focus has grown especially with the Smart City/Smart Government angle that has permeated a lot of recent NESTA stuff. Some good material already thats worth a look.
The dark side of Guardian comments
An amazing (and quite depressing view) of nearly 70m comments left on the Guardian website. A great package and more details on the why and the how. 

Arresting words
In a similar vein  (at least in the slightly depressing look at humanity) a visualization of Boston police incident reports which gives a look between “the cracks in Boston’s handsome edifice, through which some of us are lost”

The Problem With Smart Cities
“It’s no use turning cities into data mines without putting human needs at the forefront” So says Cat Matson Chief Digital Officer, City of Brisbane (Australia)

Releasing and re-using library data
A nice round-up of the library hack-event in Newcastle. Some interesting end uses of the data including a library dashboard. And if library data is your bag take a look at what the people of Leeds are borrowing

Open data and the API economy: when it makes sense to give away data
A look at the arguments for large orgs making their data open and the value of API’s. Also worth a look is  Open Data: Big Benefits, 7 V’s, and Thousands of Repositories
which gets a mention in the post as a guide to what would make your open data worth an API

The dirty little secret that data journalists aren’t telling you
“Numbers carry a veneer of authority and objectivity that words can seem to lack. But communicating with numbers is, in many ways, just like communicating with words. You make decisions about what to emphasize and what to downplay, and about how to convey a full understanding of the subject at hand.”

Damned if you seek money, damned if you don’t
A good post that explores the issues of making money from Civic Tech projects. It responds to a similar post that notes “it’s time to be honest about civic tech projects that can pay their own way, and those that can’t” .

See inside Paris agency Sid Lee with “real-time (un)interesting data with its new Dashboard. A nice video too. .

Accessing the Leeds data Mill with Ruby
One I missed, but a nice how-to on how to access data from the Leeds Data Mill using Ruby.

A dashboard for a trillion rows of data
How do you make a data dashboard when “the number of rows that you want to use for your dashboard jumps into the nine digit (109) or even twelve digit (1012)”? HP offer some insight.

World Bank launches city traffic dashboard built with taxi app
The World Bank has partnered with a taxi-hailing app to help city officials manage traffic congestion and road safety.

Brewdog recipe release: free as in beer, not free as in speech
Craft brewery Brewdog has announced it will release all its recipes for free!

Join the search for extra terrestrial life
Breakthrough Listen – the $100 million initiative to find signs of intelligent life in the universe – is releasing initial observational datasets to the world, The data is pretty specialised but if you’re up for challenge…

Surrey sets up open planning data survey
Surrey County Council has has set up an online survey asking local authorities for their views on whether information on planning applications should be made available as open data. A challenge to the commercial restrictions (and a very nifty video) More details and a nice api example too