MediaMill Gazette 55

Modules, marketplaces, LHC and umbrellas.

National Innovation Plan: call for ideas
The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is seeking views on how the UK should further develop its innovation framework and system.

LGA and ODI work together to improve local authority publishing standards
The LGA and the ODI have, amongst other things, created three online learning modules to improve the way that local authorities publish and use data. 

Open data and open policy making
Northern Ireland’s NICVA, the people behind voluntary sector open data project DetailData, have released their manifesto which has a heavy focus on open data. Worth a read as an example of the 3rd sector starting to push back on open data.

Data marketplaces, we hardly knew ye
Talking of Bath:Hacked. Leigh Dodds (of that parish) has an interesting post about the future (or lack) of data markets. It was only a month or so ago that wewere saying goodbye to open data portals and hello to markets. Dodds makes some great points about the way the debate is interesting but its not helpful to see Cities as marketplaces.

Over-Politeness Is the Fatal Flaw in the Open Data Movement
Tom Steinberg, one of the early advocates of open government data, worries that the whole open data thing is going to stall because we are all being so polite;” Overly-friendly collaboration between governments and transparency advocates sucks the oxygen out of the room.”

City council begins to market mobile apps that emerged as finalists in its civic challenge programme
Some nice app ideas from the City of Edinburgh Council’s EdinburghApps challenges.

Cities must demonstrate to residents why data is important 
A panel at Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities Summit in New York  has been talking about answering the ‘Who cares?’ question about cities and open data.

Helsinki Region Infoshare open up WordPress templates
Helsinki’s city region open data platform has released the files for its WordPress front end and developer documentation. Which is nice of them.

Ottawa-Gatineau cyclists urged to map their journeys
Two Canadian cities have signed up for and are advocacy groups have asked riders to join in in generating cycle data that that urban planners can use. Interesting in all kinds of ways, not least the approach of Strava.  Also worth a look are a great series of posts from Bath:Hacked who got access to Strava Metro data for Bath and have run a few interesting projects off it

‘free your data’ is over. Now, we need data to be free.
So says Nicolas Kayser-Bril at the Noda conference last week. The full text of his  keynote which, I think, gives a good steer on the way government open data is viewed by many in journalism.

14 Data Visualization Experts to Follow on Twitter have a list of data viz people that may be worth a look (and a Tweetdeck list) – some well known names on there.

Why are governments and organisations so scared to open up their data? 
So asks Information Age. Some good examples in and amongst the call for better skills and understanding.

Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society
If you like your data a bit more ‘academic’ or ethics rings your bell then take a look at the case studies on the CBDES site. Some interesting debates.

CERN release LHC data
Board at lunchtime? Well there’s 300 terabytes (TB) of high-quality open data from the Large Hadron Collider data now available to play with if you want. Insert jokes about crashes at your leisure.

We like a nice IOT device here at the MediaMill and given we are based in Preston ,one of the wettest places in the UK, why wouldn’t we like this sensor laden brolly!