MediaMill Gazette 56

Sonic booms, Catapults, data marketplaces and the required Star Wars reference. Media Mill it is.

Copenhagen to launch world’s first city data marketplace
A nice mention of Leeds Data Mill in this post about Copenhagen’s City Data Exchange – that open data portals as data markets idea made real.

The pull of open data
I’ve been thinking about models for open data ecosystems.

Sonic Booms over land in the UK
For those of you in and around Leeds, or keeping an eye on Twitter over the last few days, you’ll have ‘heard’ (about) the sonic booms caused by RAF Typhoon scrambled to intercept a “suspicious plane.” Data about permissions to go supersonic over land is hard to come by, but this FOI from a BBC investigation into sonic booms over Wales, has some Yorkshire data. (and kudos to the BBC for including that in the story)

Environment Agency open water Quality Data Archives
The Environment agency have released data on water quality. Good in itself but I really like the use of the ‘Download, understand, explore’ in the presentation.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it
A reflection on Catapults (the  InnovateUK type not the Dennis the Menace type) and a concern that “the original strategic role of Catapults is in danger or being forgotten”

9 Examples of What Happens When Authorities Make The Data They Own Publicly Accessible
Posts listing the ‘benefits’ of open data are ten-a-penny and often trot out the same examples and data. But I like the examples in this on this one, especially the last one about hyperlocal advertising (although transportAPI isn’t a new example).

What’s Wrong with Open-Data Sites–and How We Can Fix Them
An interesting take on the ‘problem with open data portals’ theme by César Hidalgo Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT. The analogy that stood out here was IKEA .Hidalgo essentially argues that most open data sites are like Ikea without the second floor – all the kits but none of the visualization and inspiration of what you can do with it. If this resonates then this presentation on moving beyond the Smart City might be of interest too. 

Will readers pay for local news? A digital startup in Tulsa bets that they will
A US take but the question of Hyperlocal sustainability is universal. This take on sustaining investigative journalism at a local level is a subscription service but when you see operations like the Detail and UrbsMedia, it becomes tempting to see how small but sustainable approach could work with the right support. In this case incubator spaces play an important part.

Matt Hancock speech at GeoPlace conference 
Or ‘how to start making the case for building something you already had but sold ages back.’ Cynicism aside there’s an interesting focus on the building blocks of a new open data address economy the UPRN and Gazeteers.

HAT personal data store allows you control the data Internet corporations have on you
This one has been bubbling along at the back of my feeds for a while. The idea of personal data marketplaces, apps that allow you to control the flow of personal data and even monetise it as well as  community driven ideas of open data coops have all popped up along the way on my Media Mill journey so this Hub of All things ideas, that pulls together a lot of these ideas, is looking more interesting by the day.

Linked Data: Coming back stronger. 
Wondering what happened to the Government Statistical service’s Linked Data! The takeaway for the GSS is don’t turn off linked data services without telling people. The underlying message is one of commissioning issues and a “lack of linked data expertise across the public sector” that mean  “it was necessary to host our linked data system with an external supplier” now too expensive to sustain.

When content design meets service design
Tootling around the Government Digital Service blog (as you do) I stumbled back across this post about thinking about government services as a verb not a noun. There are some simple bullet points here to have in mind when doing service design.

What to expect from data storytelling in 2016
Apart from a lovely use of the word Scrollytelling, this is a nice roundup of the underlying themes that data storytellers need to think about.

The Dilemmas of Maker Culture
A long but interesting read. The consequences of technology and the ethics of maker culture: “it will necessitate a re-examination of where our responsibilities lie—and to whom we are responsible”

How can drones be used to generate data for in-depth journalism?
My colleague John Mills talks drones and data on this podcast.

RTE – Frances Electricity network data visualized
Dust of your French for this one, but a nice visualization and set of apps by the French transmission network RTE. A nice model for others.

StarWars Social Networks
Yes, its Star Wars day – feel the fourth!  Never afraid to jump on a meme or bandwagon of a meme – here’s a nice (and interactive) network analysis of the Star Wars universe – note, find yourself reading some technical stuff on network analysis and looking at code, you will.  You’re welcome.