MediaMill Gazette 58

Open data camp, BBC recipes and emails from an ex. It’s Media Mill

Open Data Camp 3

Last weekend was the third Open Data Camp. Plenty of info on discussion on the open data camp website. There are plenty of round-up posts appearing online which caught my eye:


The NYPD Was Systematically Ticketing Legally Parked Cars for Millions of Dollars a Year- Open Data Just Put an End to It
A long headline for one of the best examples of the end-to-end value chain for open data. Ben Wellington hunch on parking tickets leads to an open data driven shift in the way NYPD give out parking tickets.

Widening debate on Greater Manchester’s data sharing strategy
A ‘plain english’ version of Manchester’s devolution powered data sharing plans by Peter Wells.

The state of interactive data visualisation
Nesta have been thinking about visualization

Cycling casualties in Leeds fall for the first time since ’10
Data from the LeedsDataMill getting used by Liam Bolton and generating interesting conversation on the quality of the data

UK Local Government Open Data Resources
Owen Boswarva has updated his map of government local data portals and access points.

Why the BBC should make its recipes database #opendata
The BBC white paper had very few surprises but did consolidate what we knew. Off the back of that the announcement of the closing of one door on BBC recipes prompted me to ponder how #opendata could offer one solution

The Governments BBC White paper
The white paper on the future of the BBC has made it out. Not a huge amount of new information – the debate and the consultation have seen to that. I had a look in the plans for a data journalism hub, but for hyperlocal and local journalism readers there’s fun to be had waiting to find out just how you qualify to be host to one of the suggested 150 journalists promised to improve coverage of local government.

Bristol Data dome developer kit
Last year, Bristol opened the UK’s only 3D 4K immersive presentation space. Now you can play with the open source tools to create content for it. Fun if you like playing with the Unity engine.

5 Tips and Best Practices for Hyper-Local Data Journalism
Damien Radcliffe looks at some basics around enabling data journalism.

Hello, This Is London Rising

A great post from Andrew Godwin outlining the process of producing his LIDAR based, 3d printed wall map of London. Speaking of LIDAR, there was a good session at the ODCamp, blogged here on ‘How can we use better Lidar data analysis?’
OkCupid Study Reveals the Perils of Big-Data Science
This tale of data from dating site okCupid is an interesting look at what happens when the idea of what constitutes private and public data gets blurred.NHS Scotland release practice level prescribing data 
NHS Scotland release prescribing data as data but there is also a Tableau based dashboard, although I can’t find it!The big disconnect: decision-makers and information experts
Technically this would be filled under information management (and professional librarians), but its a good look at how you build workflows that manage an expectation for free and the expectation that the consumer needs to do some work to get what they want.

What I learned about doing great data journalism in 3 hours at the New York Times and ProPublica
An interesting insight on integrating data and code capabilities into your newsroom

Seven steps towards becoming a data driven organisation
Data Evolution look at the idea of data maturity. There is a report as well. 

Analysing Air Pollution Exposure in London.
The new London Mayor putting shots across Boris’ bow by releasing reports apparently sat on by Johnson. Expect this to be more and more an issue as Air Quality management plans come under more scrutiny and the data becomes even more contested. 

Open Data Ireland: Charity Transparency
Open Knowledge look at the development of Irish Charity database A nice look at social value and return on investment here.

Paris residents urged to use city’s open data site to rat out their Airbnb-abusing neighbors
“the city of Paris is asking residents to squeal on any neighbors who have not properly registered a residence that’s being used as an Airbnb”

Tools: Dataproofer
A reminder of a nifty tool to proof read your data

“There are 1,924 emails of Allison’s ex-boyfriends in her gmail account. Remnants of a relationships that tell partial stories of the beginning, middle and end of each relationship.” A nice bit of data poetry on the issue of digitally assisted remembering.