MediaMill Gazette 61

BBC and LOD, Jedi references from the ODI, Frogs legs and historical route planning

Use your y-axis
A nice piece on the ONS blog looking at the basics of good charting (and the Y axis in particular)

Linked data and structured journalism at the BBC
The text of a speech given by Basile Simon from BBC News Labs looking at how the beeb are exploring LOD.

‘A wrong address can cost lives’ – National Address Register to become ‘open data’
If you’ve been to an open data meet-up then Bob Barr might be a familiar face. Here he says Matt Hancock’s decision to make the National Address Register (NAR) ‘open data’ will ‘encourage good governance and commerce’.

Introducing Bothan: a tool to bring your metrics to life and share them with the world
“The ODI Labs team introduces, a tool for anyone to store and share metrics or performance indicators as open data, with embeddable visualisations and a full JSON API”

How can newsrooms not be creepy?
An interesting look at the questions newsrooms should ask when they use data and private information. Journalism focused but universal issues.

Digital social innovation in the heart of Europe
NESTA and The European Commission are running a research project, DSI4EU (Digital Social Innovation for Europe). There’s a thorough overview here (although I would rethink the name digicult if it was me) and asite to explore.

Instagram Is Now Giving Small Businesses a Dashboard Full of Data About Their Posts 
Instagram is fast becoming a must have in any social media toolkit (marketing, media or journalism) so this news should please many. Expect a typically Facebook style roll out.

Why we hack
Hacks are getting less and less love in some quarters. This post is a defence of sorts; keep them going as long as they give you results

1462133591_002 cities mobility web.jpg  4175×1800A lovely graphic from visual note taker Chris Shipton from the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015 at COP21. More on his blog

One month in: 10,000 people signed up to Quartz’s chart-building tool
“By opening up its chart-building tool Atlas, Quartz wants to create the world’s largest data repository.”

List of approved premises for the preparation of Frogs’ Legs and Snails 
Yes. That’s right. Part of the FSA’s data on Approved meat products, minced meat and meat preparation establishments. As Stuart Harrison (@pezholio), noted, ‘data set of the day’

Mapping Manhattan Surge Pricing
A nice blog that looks at a mix of tools to map uber pricing in Manhattan. Beyond the specifics of the data there’s lots of useful pointers to resources to play with.

News is beautiful
A review of Visual Storytelling: Infographic Design in News, by Lu Yikun and Dong Zhao from the British Library.

The Memo’s EU Referendum Dashboard

Maps Time Travel