MediaMill Gazette 66

Data Protection, beneficial ownership, “bullshiting” with stats and the best pie chart ever. It’s Media Mill.

Digital Economy Minister – post-Brexit UK data protection will take GDPR starting-point
“What happens about data protection after Brexit has been a hot topic of debate over the past few weeks. Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey lets slip that the starting point will be to align with the forthcoming GDPR.” and in contrast (or maybe as well ) – Britain could become ‘data haven’ after Brexit, technology group says

A first look at the UK beneficial ownership data
There are some niggles here and there but the general view is that the UK Govs “fully open register of beneficial ownership.”

Understanding Scottish Places
A project I hadn’t come across, USP has generated a number of resources including a online data comparison tool for towns level data visualization.

Dashboard reveals court statistics – but not live data (yet) 
“The Ministry of Justice quietly makes some courts performance figures available through online tools”

How to plan your Data Driven Story with a set of useful templates
A great article that does exactly what it says on the tin.

What I’ve learned: Government Dashboards & The Different Kinds of Data
Finding the sweet spot for data dashboards

The Bits Are Rotting in the State of Data Journalism
A really interesting piece that raises the issue of journalism organisations keeping visualizations active on the web

A story without data? Three examples to build your own database
Picking up on that theme, an article highlighting databases created by journalists and story tellers that are available online.

Tools: FoamTree
FoamTree is an in-browser implementation of hierarchical Voronoi Treemaps. With animated transitions and zooming, varied layouts and visual customizations, FoamTree aids the understanding of hierarchical data through an efficient and engaging user experience.”


The David Spade Index: Which Actors Are Hated by Critics but Loved by Fans?
The ever-interesting Priceonomics churns meta review sites for data to compare fans and critics and show (but doesn’t explain) why Seth Rogen is darling of fan and critic alike!

Using Data Packages with R
A nice overview of datapkg, an R package that makes it easy to load Data Packages into your R environment by automating otherwise manual import steps”

Trial to store benefits claimants’ personal data on blockchain slammed
Plans to pay DWP claimants through the blockchain, which apparently also include the capacity to limit what it gets spent on rightly raise concerns.

Our nine-point guide to spotting a dodgy statistic
The Guardian and Full Fact, present a guide to the way politicians “bullshit” with numbers