MediaMill Gazette 70

Data Mill North, political cats, open data’s problems and dirty secrets. Its’ Media Mill!

Hello Data Mill North!
Leeds Data Mill is now Data Mill North and City of Bradford MDC join Leeds City Council in using it as their open data platform. It moves the platform closer to being a regional data store with a broad aim – think North as in Northern powerhouse. It will be interesting to see how the model develops especially with the involvement of the Leeds ODI node. This overview of a visit to see the change by Phil Jackman might be of interest too.

Overcoming the hurdles to UK city data analytics
It’s interesting to think about the combined approach of DataMill North as you consider this take on the challenges of implementing data driven city management.

Open Data is the Start of Open Government
This is essentially a little round up of an egovernment event in canada but a passage court my eye – “the success of open data projects can be judged through four different lenses: apps, analysis, internal, and vendors.” There’s an interesting methodology at work here. I’m not sure I agree but the idea is from someone from Kennedy School of Government out of Harvard University so maybe I shouldn’t be too hasty.

Government cats
Want to know the status of the various cats round Whitehall’s corridors of power? Peter Wells has you covered. Built using the ODI’s btw.

Brexit Allows UK to Unshackle Itself from EU’s Cumbersome Data Protection Rules

Dissolved businesses data may be wiped out
Because light touch works…

Explaining Machine Learning in 500 words 
Or so…theres an element of ‘and then magic happens’ in this for me still but the examples are great. And if you want a bit more  then this introduction to Deep Learning for Chatbots, part 1 might be up your street. 

What’s the real meaning of a Smart City?
An overview of CityBeats, a data driven, dashboard presented citizen engagement project.

Is Data Undermining Our Democracy?
An interesting read that looks at how data is being used and could be used by the US presidential candidates.

Open Data’s Dirty Little Secret
<spoiler> It’s harder work than you might thing </spoiler>

The Tragedy of the Commons: Open Government Data
This article suggests that perhaps the secret isn’t that open data is hard its that it creates destructive self-interest in the organisations its creates.

GP practice prescribing data – Presentation level – Speaking of data to play with May’s prescribing data is up if you want a meaty data set to play with. 

GP practice prescribing data – Presentation level
Speaking of data to play with May’s prescribing data is up if you want a meaty data set to play with.

On surgery survival research: a simple case for a data-driven NHS
Speaking of things medical. Giuseppe Sollazzo follows up last weeks post about being more problem orientated with open data with this reflection on what data-driven methods could do to make the NHS better.

The New York Times is trying to narrow the distance between reporters and analytics data
An interesting piece of Stela, the NYT’s analytics package. It reminds me of the Guardians Ophan but is yet another reminder of the way data is becoming a key (although not always universally understood or liked) part of the editorial process.

UN  E-government survey 2016
The UN’s survey on the use of e-government in support of sustainable development is out.

10 Open Data APIs Built By Brands To Use In Your Content Campaigns
Don’t expect many surprises here except maybe Zoopla but if you’re looking for API’s to experiment on then it may be worth a look at some known data sources.

Open data kids camp
A nice example of outreach and open government data from the US.