MediaMill Gazette 73

Democracy, investigative journalism, missing flight data and bass strings. It’s Media Mill.

Flight MH370: Malaysia releases raw satellite data
The BBC report on the release of satellite data from the investigation into the ill-fated flight.

Digital democracy manifesto
Jeremy Corbyn’s digital democracy manifesto raised some eyebrows, mostly for not saying very much of anything. It’s hard to get a clear steer on what people thing without getting bogged down in the inevitable politics of the whole Labour thing (and it seems hats), but one of the most interesting responses has been on Reddit!

The Centre for Investigative Journalism summer school
Loads of great Presentations and workshops from the CIJ’s summer school. A great resource.

The news graphics designer skill set
Data visualisation guru Albert Cairo cherry picks some quotes from his latest project about the skill set of graphic designers working in data journalism

5 Secrets of Data Driven Nonprofits
The last “secret” is that “Data Scientists are Good Storytellers: –  “It is a mistake to believe that the data should speak for itself.”

Yuval Noah Harari on big data, Google and the end of free will
“Forget about listening to ourselves. In the age of data, algorithms have the answer,” Well worth a read.

10 Grants Available for Investigative Data-Driven Journalism in Africa
A chance to win cash grants and tech support for journos in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia – Closing date is  11 November 2016.

Only 1.8% of council wards are reducing childhood obesity
A nice bit of data analysis, viz and storytelling all rolled into one from Mark Barrett at DataFlock.

The importance of Data Visualization
Continuing a data-viz theme…why visualising data is an important part of building hypothesis.

How Dashboards Are Shaping the Way Marketers Manage Local Campaigns
Worth a read for a view on the broader innovation impact of data and dashboards at a hyperlocal level.

Sharing Data and the Value of Transparency
Quartz journo Chris Groskopf on why sharing is important.

The Hard Data on UFO Sightings: It’s Mostly Drunk People in the West
A nice look at the data and more usefully the vexed issue of causation and correlation including the direction of causality: – “have you considered aliens *choose* to fly over drunk people to destroy witnesses’ credibility?”

Data-Driven Storytelling And Dashboards: How Narrative Science’s NLG Reaches A New Level
How algorithms can respond to peoples ‘intent’ in storytelling by allowing for dynamic dashboards.

Data Republic launches world’s first open data marketplace
Is it really the worlds first “governed marketplace that enables organisations to list, exchange, and collaborate on data exchange projects in a secure environment.” ?

If everything is a network, nothing is a network
Fascinating if a little involved look at the power of networks.

Reuters aims to make it easier for publishers to use interactive data visualisations
“Through a partnership with semantic technology company Graphiq, the news agency will provide interactive data visualisations for multiple types of coverage, including breaking news, sports and financial content”

Finding the news lead in the data haystack: Automated local data journalism using crime data.
An interesting academic paper – no really. Worth a read.

Taking creativity to next level through data visualization artworks
A piece about data visualization artist and designer Sey Min 

Dot plots are under-valued, that’s all
Especially when you mix viz and text.