• Media Mill Gazette 44

    Power laws, ODI grants and invisible pants (well cloaks).

  • Media Mill Gazette 43

    Defra, pizza, musical GDP and David Icke. It’s your weekly tales of the unexpected Media Mill.

  • #CJ15: What next for community journalism?

    Yesterday I spent a packed but interesting day at Cardiff Uni for the Centre for Community Journalism’s What next for community journalism conference. I was there to offer a quick overview of the Media Mill project (my presentation is online). It was a fascinating day with lots to mull over.

  • Presenting Open data to businesses

    As part of the general conversation around open data, I hear a lot about innovation by SME’s (small to medium size enterprises) – companies building their business on or with open data. I’ve been pondering whether the knowledge of open data amongst SME’s is up to making good on that promise

  • Open data overload:yorkopendata and #localdata15

    [aesop_content color=”#333333″ background=”transparent” columns=”1″ position=”none” imgrepeat=”no-repeat” floaterposition=”center” floaterdirection=”up”]For the last week it’s feels like my life has been all about opendata. My immersion into the world of open data that started last Friday with my trip up to Leeds for the DataDive, continued with two events driven by open data. [/aesop_content]

  • DigitalCatapult: Open Futures conference

    This week London Digital Catapult hosted an Open Data futures conference looking at “Urban Data. Health Data. Environmental Data.”