Open Data

  • How would you spend your council’s budget?

    There’s a great interactive on the Coventry Telegraph site that lets plan your own budget and compare it the actual spend of your council. Just add your postcode and then set your budget.

  • Everything you need to know about open data (and a bit more)

    Leeds Data Mill have published a really nice list of resources for explaining open dat a complied by Edafe Onerhime. It’s a great resource of the who, what, how and why of open data.

  • Local open data ecosystems – a prototype map

    Nesta have published new research that aims to highlight patterns in local authority open data publication

  • Who is using open data?

    Ben Worthy, blogging on the ODI site,  finds that looking at the most viewed and downloaded datasets for raises more interesting questions than it answers

  • Presenting Open data to businesses

    As part of the general conversation around open data, I hear a lot about innovation by SME’s (small to medium size enterprises) – companies building their business on or with open data. I’ve been pondering whether the knowledge of open data amongst SME’s is up to making good on that promise

  • How to run an Open Data Challenge

    Since 2013 Nesta has been running a series of open data challenges aimed at finding and supporting teams to develop products or services using open data for social good.  Now they’ve released a report on what they’ve learned so far.

  • UK Open Data Timeline (to Feb 2014)

    A nice interactive timeline on the development of open data and open government data by Tim Davies from the Open Knowledge foundation labs