• Air Quality data and telling stories

    One of the key areas of interest for the MediaMill project is the way data can be part of a storytelling process.  So it was interesting to see a piece of ‘data-driven storytelling’ in the Gloucester Citizen.

  • Freedom of Information Review and Open Data

    Earlier this week Lord Burns’ Independent Commission on Freedom of Information legislation released its report. The Freedom of Information Act is something that cuts across  all of the areas we are looking at as part of the MediaMill project. So we gave the report a once over with our open data hat on. 

  • MediaMill at NODA16/Tutki!2016 data journalism conference

    We’ve had a paper on the Media Mill project accepted at the joint NODA16 and Tutki!2016, which focus on best practices in data journalism and investigative journalism.

  • TechcityInsider interview HEBE’s Mark Barrret have a nice audio interview with Mark Barrett from MediaMill project partners HebeWorks. 

  • Local open data ecosystems – a prototype map

    Nesta have published new research that aims to highlight patterns in local authority open data publication

  • Who is using open data?

    Ben Worthy, blogging on the ODI site,  finds that looking at the most viewed and downloaded datasets for raises more interesting questions than it answers

  • How to run an Open Data Challenge

    Since 2013 Nesta has been running a series of open data challenges aimed at finding and supporting teams to develop products or services using open data for social good.  Now they’ve released a report on what they’ve learned so far.