How would you spend your council’s budget?

There’s a great interactive on the Coventry Telegraph site that lets plan your own budget and compare it the actual spend of your council. Just add your postcode and then set your budget.

The interactive is actually set up for all of the titles in the group so you can put any postcode in, not just a Coventry one.

How would you spend your council s budget Try our exclusive widget to see if you agree with councillors Coventry Telegraph

It’s a good example of how open data can engage and interactive’s making the process real. It’s echoes  ideas like participatory budgeting  and serious games like Budget Hero,  NewYork City budget game and The Peoples Pie.

As an engaging way of getting people to think about the balancing act that Councils go through and maybe the kind of thing that should be on Council websites.

Big Easy Budget Game You re mayor for a day.Update: No sooner had we finished playing with this budget game when another one pops up.  The Big Easy Budget Game uses uses open data from New Orleans to allow players to create their own version of an operating budget

Also worth a look is the Office of National Statistics How is the welfare budget spent? which is part of their beta site