Media Mill Gazette 43

Defra, pizza, musical GDP and David Icke. It’s your weekly tales of the unexpected Media Mill.

Government business department shuts largest non-London office (
File this one under the ‘you couldn’t make it up’ pile. Yes, BIS are closing their Sheffield office (apparently on the advice of super pricy London Based consultant ( s). You know that this is going to be hard to spin when even David Icke picks it up ( .

EVENT:14th & 15th May: OpenDataCamp set for Bristol (
Bristol seems to be the city du jour in my feeds at the moment.Its playing host to the next open data camp. A really interesting piece from the Bristol Cable on regional media ownership ( caught my eye too – well worth a read.

What does UK GDP sound like? (
If you’ve ever wondered what GDP sounds like, worry no more. The EU Risk Dashboard has the answer.

6Aika:Open and Smart Services (
An interesting project from Finland “using the country’s six largest cities as innovation development and experimentation environments.”. Their open and smart strategy document ( is well worth a read. I know ‘northern powerhouse’ is a dirty word but I started to think about 6 cities in the north that could offer a similar setup…Also check out a EU project with similar intentions – iCity (

Defra “at the forefront” of open data revolution, says environment secretary (
It’s interesting to see how this articles turns quickly from open data to IT and procurement. At the same time it’s been a shame to hear that Defra has halved the local authority funding to tackle air pollution (

Hack The Marine: Wearable tech meets Defra open data (
A report on one of the projects out of the recent #hackthemarine ( event. It’s a wearable app for coastal information and its a real thing.

OpenDataManchester:Open Infrastructure (
Open Data Manchester held an evening talking about the possibilities that come from an open IOT infrastructure. Leeds was represented by Tom Forth, who talked about plans for a flood hack. You can relive the evening through a periscope ( of the event.

Energy use of Leeds Council buildings (
Speaking of Tom Forth. He’s been busy crunching numbers on the energy use of council building using 5years of (open) data. A nice interactive version and

A lot of social media love for this Gawker visulisation on the accelerating race to to the race to the Whitehouse. ( (well the food that powers it)

Beautiful Reasons (
A really interesting (and lavishly illustrated) read on gauging the importance of the design of data visualization – are they more than just the data?

Open Data Pocket Guide (
US based government knowledge network Govloop have released a guide to open data. A solid 101.

(Open) Data sharing for free (
An interesting (and a bit techy) look at the problems with storing your data in open data portals (like Socrata) where you effectively duplicate the data. The answer, and this is where it gets techy, is in DHT or Distributed Hash Tables. It’s also worth keeping an eye on thePortalWatch (http:// project mentioned in the post.

Better connected releases website performance data for councils (

How good are local council websites for finding basic information? The better connected survey ( claims to measure that.

Managing Data Journalism Projects online course. (
This online course looks like a winner. “You will learn all about the different processes and tasks that go behind a data journalism project and how to manage these tasks. How to choose a good team and make sure they work together”

Generate Pixel Maps (
A nifty little tool for creating pixel maps like the one above. Some cool tools for quick visualisations from Amcharts who make a commercial JS lib (