MediaMill Gazette 71

GDS, Dashboards, BBC and stats and Cornwall. It’s Media Mill 

The Media Mill Gazette will be taking a break next week for a holiday. It’s also to keep the stress of the poor broadband in Cornwall to a minimum!(even though it doesn’t seem to hold some back)

Can elephants help explain statistics?
The recent  BBC’s Trust report on how the BBC uses statistics says more needs to be done to help guide the public through the ever growing blizzard of numbers. I’ve been trying to avoid the usual political ‘see we told you the BBC were biased’ view of it and this is a nice take on how to make stats accessible.

The Empire Strikes Back: How the death of GDS puts all government innovators at risk
The UK Government Digital Service(GDS) is dead and that loss represents a blow to efforts to rethink and digitize governments around the world. So says David Eaves from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.  Richard Sargent disagrees. 

Visualizations That Really Work
And from the Harvard review with an interesting way to think about the increasingly crucial discipline of visual communication

Text analysis of Trump’s tweets confirms he writes only the (angrier) Android half
David Robinson runs the numbers behind the observation that Trump tweets angrier on Android.

The Multiple Meanings of Open Government Data
An overview of Recent research from the University of Manchester’s Centre for Development Informatics. Their article on Measuring Barriers to Big Data for Development and the power dynamics is also worth a read.

ProPublica Data Institute 2016 materials online
US open/public journalism outfit Propublica have released all of the materials we used to teach the 2016 ProPublica Data Institute – top quality stuff.

Event: UK Data Service Open Data Dive  24 September 2016
One for the Diary. On the 24th Sept at The Shed, Chester Street, Manchester. The UK Data Service Open Data Dive aims to bring together coders, data enthusiasts, graphic designers, project managers and pizza lovers into the same room to hunt down, crunch and beautify open social and economic data.


Sculpture of Housing Prices Ripping San Francisco Apart
A lovely piece of data sculpture created from crunching housing prices in San Francisco.

The Spectator Dashboard: interactive UK data
Essentially a look at how the Spectator use High Charts. But the take on the way others use ‘open data’ is an interesting opening salvo even though I think its another good example of stretching the definition of open data.

We need to learn how to search the web of data
“Search for the web of data is still in the portal era, but portals do not meet all user needs. Imagine a world where you could search for, find, understand, trust and use data as easily as you can for news.”

Die Dashboards Die! Why Conversations Will Reinvent Software
And if portals were bad enough, dashboards are worse. The skinny here is that it’s all about bots.

The Silk team is joining Palantir!
Don’t tell Palantir that dashboards are dead. The fact they have picked up Data Journalism fave Silk points to BIM and dashboard driven data viz is where it’s at.

Philadelphia Community Health Explorer
Dashboards are dead. Long live dashboards. The CHA is a kind of observatory/dashboard for the US City. Certainly getting a lot of interest.

Digging into Data Journalism
An interesting project to get more data focussed on data journalism. Looks really interesting especially as I embark on a PhD looking at how we measure if data journalism works. That said, at this point I’m not even sure if Data Journalism is really data journalism at all. 

What councils want from a post Brexit future
The LocalGov survey is a timely call for the Government to listen to the views of local councils during Brexit negotiations.

#Rio2016: 7 data stories and interactives from the first week of the Olympic Games
How are news outlets making the most of the abundance of data available about the Olympics?