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Talking about local, how to measure good art and more.

Talk About Local Conference 2016

The unconference for hyperlocal and community sites is back. #TAL16 will be held in the Birmingham City University, Curzon Building, on Saturday 15 October. Tickets available now. 

Arts Council to impose quantitative measures of arts quality
This is one to keep an eye on I think. If the idea that you could develop ‘a “meaningful measure” of artistic quality’ isn’t challenging enough, the idea of data-driven funding of creativity might be a step too far for some…or a welcome bit of oversight for others.

The importance of local data
Data Journalist David Ottewell reflects on his recent data experiences with the ONS.

Proposed electoral boundary change in the UK
As many will know there is an ongoing consultation on redrawing the electoral borders in the UK. Just for reference, here’s where you download shape files and KML of the proposed changes.

What smart cities of the future can learn from London in 1854
A look at Eddie Copeland’s take on SmartCities from Nesta’s FutureFest conference.

The Architecture of a Data Visualization
A nice piece from last year that looks at the way that Accurat worked Italian  newsroom  Corriere della Sera to create  Multilayered Storytelling through “Info-spatial” Compositions

When Did Charts Become Popular?
The title isn’t giving much away but this is a diverting look at when the chart started to become a common site in newspapers.

The “data” in data stories
What kind of data makes up data journalism.

How to get started with interactive data journalism
Want to know “what defines interactive data journalism, where can this format provide value and how can you get started if you have no prior knowledge of coding or working with data?” Try this podcast from

Opening up access to training: RSS embraces e-learning
The Royal Statistical Society has made its popular Presenting Data course an e-learning module. At  £240.00+vat its a bit pricy but a well-known source.

People like you are in this dataset
A great post by Leigh Dodds on putting the human in data:“If we increasingly want to use data as a mirror of society, then people need to be able to see themselves in its reflection.”

Methods for Measuring Open Data
The International Open data conference next month will see another round of work on a draft template or framework for measuring open data. Christopher Wilson takes a looks ahead.

Unpacking the Ideologies of Open
A long(ish) but interesting read. It’s challenging to think that open might just be another structured approach that is being disrupted by technology and grass roots organisation .

Inside the revolutionary sub-culture taking over government
…and in a related vein…Who knew open government was a revolutionary sub-culture.

This week saw the annual Online News Association meet in Denver. Its getting bigger each year – think of it as an annual rush for ideas. Tech futurist Amy Web garnered quite a bit of interest when she put up a slide looking at Journalism jobs of the near future.  She’s been quick to point out that this was all in the context of a developing interest all round for for all things AI. However, the interest it generates says something about where the industry thinks it needs to go or the obsessions of tech futurists. Amy has made the full presentation available on dropbox.