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The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2016

The shortlist has been decided and the public vote open, but the showcase, short and long lists are worth an explore for what’s considered the best in Data viz and data journalism.
Diving into UK Data Service Open Data
Speaking of data viz…some lovely ideas from the recent UK Data Service’s first ever Open Data Dive. A good roundup on their blog.

Building support for a stack overflow for data journalism
This is a nice idea. A specific Stack overflow for data journalism. Worth some support.

How Brexit will impact media law part three: The Data Protection Act
Journalism Law expert Cleland Thom looks at what the impact might be on journalists and DPA legislation post Brexit,

Engaging the private sector in the open data value-chain: An innovation imperative
An interesting read and one of many ideas emerging as the 2016 International Open Data Conference swings around this week. I’ll be there talking about the Media Mill project so expect some more IODC related content next week!

Need more annotated image data for your machine learning research?
Then why not take google up on their offer of “A dataset of ~9 million URLs to images that have been annotated with labels spanning over 6000 categories”

“Excel sheets aren’t everyone’s friend”: How data visualization can assist research uptake
Even though its on the data driven journalism site, this is one for the science and research interested people. The key: “Done well, data visualisation can be an effective format by which to get your research seen, selected and understood by a large audience.”

Data Journalism and the Remaking of Data Infrastructures 
A great presentation given by  Liliana Bounegru at the recent “Evidence and the Politics of Policymaking” conference. Its an interesting look at the role of data journalism in “challenging the techniques of measurement and monitoring”

RSS Data Manifesto
The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) has reissued its Data Manifesto headlines for government

Data science and journalism coalesce for social justice
And if either of those previous links was up your street, then this report on a hackathon “focused on how data science and reporting could be synthesized to foster social good.”

114 media professionals had their say about data-driven journalism
There’s a South Africa Bias here but the results are interesting.

What will the open data utopia actually look like?
TL:DR Like minority report

Using Instagram to ‘show the thing’
This post about the GDS experimenting with ‘different ways to shoot posters’ for Instagram says a lot about the thought that should go into engagement. It also says a lot about their target audience.

Open Data requires democratizing analysis of that data
I’m not quite sure about this. I struggle with anything that uses “empowering citizens” and “provision hardware” isn’t talking to your average citizen. But the tools (like BigQuery) and approach are worthy of a look (and, go on  then, some praise.)

Structured Stories and the Computation of Journalistic Context
I missed this when it came out but if you have a passing interest in Data journalism then you’re unlikley to have missed C.W. Anderson. A well known academic and commenter in the field, this video talks about the impact of doing data journalism and storytelling through data in journalism.

Feminist Data Visualization
Speaking of academics. I’ve come across some interesting research in data and visualization research that pull in a range of theories and approaches. This is another interesting angle, particually the bit about context and situating the work.