MediaMill Gazette: A small roundup of open data interestingness


** Video: Open Data in the UK (

“One of our key outcomes we’re trying to achieve is growth of jobs and growth of entrepreneurship in West Sussex,” Mowbray said. “And I think open data is a really positive way of bringing businesses in to help with that and to help them to grow.”

Samantha Mowbray, the head of policy and communications for the West Sussex County Council, talks open data. Open data in local government language? (Note: The video is from Socrata’s OpendataTV series)

** DESIGN AND DATA VISUALISATION: Good practice in the communication of information (

** This report (funded in part by InnovateUK) has some great examples of data visualisation projects. There’s a real emphasis on the physical presentation of data some of which reminded me of the work that Leeds based Invisible Flock ( did a few years back. The take-aways at the end, in terms of innovation and learning, are short and succinct. It’s worth a read.

** Postcode level electricity estimates (
An experiment from, but these estimates and similar ones for gas ( might make for an interesting addition to a data dashboard.

** Big and open data in Europe: A growth engine or a missed opportunity? (
“Big and open data in Europe: A growth engine or a missed opportunity?”

There’s some interesting methodology at work here but worth it for the infographics and standout figures alone:
* A useful graphic of the Open data scorecard (
* An infographic of Open data geographic clusters and impact on GDP (

** Take your first steps with Open Data Pathway (
“We’re launching a new tool today called Open Data Pathway. It’s a self-assessment tool that will help you assess how well your organisation publishes and consumes open data, and identify actions for improvement.”

It comes through the lens of the ODI ,so it’s every little helps when it comes to ‘open’ but the tool asks some interesting questions which could easily be used in meetings to get an idea of peoples general attitudes to open data.

** ‘Without humanity, data alone is meaningless’: Data journalism insights from the Guardian (
“Without humanity, data alone is meaningless,” he said. “So one thing to always bear in mind is it is about the stories you are trying to tell.”